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Rosette Nebula (another imaging run)


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I posted the Rosette here a couple of weeks ago but wasn't happy with it. So I re-imaged the Rosette again, trying to see why the last image was hazy.

The seeing seemed better this time, but the temperature of the camera was 30.5 degC!

Anyway, I think this is better than the last go at it (I stretched it far less).

I am now thinking that the haze is noise and possibly mismatched darks (temp mismatch).

DSI III Pro 30L 30Ha 16R 16G 16B ED80 3.5min subs.

I am kind of hoping that the target is simply very faint and that the uncooled camera at 30 deg doesnt take too kindly to its images being stretched much (thats when the haze starts!)

Comments welcomed


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Very Nice image,

I have tried this with the DSI 3 but it tends to be large for the chip size and my scope. Think your image is better than my attempt, definatly a good idea not to overstretch. I found the bundled Envisage software does a good job of organising and subtracting darks (if thats what you are using). Certainly looks clean for 30deg captures. I did renew my DSI dark frames from time to time which seemed to help.

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