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First Quarter Moon and Pleiades, 21st February

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As I gazed up at a moonlit sky on Sunday night, it struck me that there was something missing - where are the Pleiades?? I realised fairly soon of course, that they were right in the glare of the moon! A photo opportunity if ever there was one!

I combined a long exposure with a short one by selecting the stars and pasting them onto the moon.


Comments on the processing would be appreciated - how would you do it?

Scope: Orion ED80 at f/7.5

Camera: Canon 450D

Exposures: one 10 second shot to capture stars and one 1/160 sec. for the moon

Processing: Photoshop


Edited by Andrew*
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Hi Andrew,

Really nice image, and well put together. Well done.

I was hoping to see this, but the weather beat me.

You might like to try to bring the Moon forward in the image by

equalising the colour and increasing the Moon's contrast.

In Photoshop, change to 'grayscale' and click 'auto tone'.

See what you think.


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Hi Mickyway and thanks for the input. Yes, I realise now how lacking the moon is in contrast, so I had a go on that. Don't knwo why that slipped me by. I couldn't find the Auto Tone function, so did it manually with levels.

I tried it in greyscale, and I also tried a gentle colour-saturation boost. I like both :)



extra colour:




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