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House of Optics Ltd

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I've no experience of them but their website seems to suggest they do some pretty tasty stuff. Try phoning them up for some technical advice about whatever you are looking for and ask about their ordering system and turnaround.

This may put you in a better position to judge.

Loughton astro soc may well use them (organisers of Kelling Heath equinox parties) so it's worth dropping then an email to get some local info as well.

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They are importers, but we've been dealing with them on speccing up kit for Spain (14" Intes Mak), which needed some customising, they were consulting on that and have been excellent in their support and backup

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Well, their website needs some fixes, as not everything works. If they have Ylena maks - prices would be interesting.. as Ylena is one optic masterpiece :eek: 1/10 PV or better :evil6:

I had the baby 85mm.

A truly stunning scope, considering it's size. Only sold because I desperately needed the dosh.

The 150mm would be knee tremblingly nice.


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I've done business with H of Optics many times. Tom Ryan is a great guy and really knowledgeable. Tom doesn't put prices on his website, I think because it is difficult to keep up to date. in my experience his prices are very competative. They will sell direct to you. Give Tom a ring and have a chat with him. Cheers Paul

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