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Arrrgh Help, Celestron CGE fault

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Hi all,

Looking for some help, my CGE mount is playing up, I can't get it aligned as the Dec drive just keeps spinning round.

If I cancel and try to manually point at something, the RA drive works fine at whichever rate I select but the Dec just goes at the fastest rate (9) no matter what. Any attempt to goto results in the Dec just going round and round in circles!

any ideas?

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Sounds like a slipping clutch to me - is it worn? Do you know what condition the bearings are in? Maybe something wants tightening up or replacing. Or alternatively a chip may be blown if you had any recent "electrical anomolies".

I'd phone the supplier or manufacturer in the first instance to find out if there are any known issues (unless someone here has had a similar problem).

Sorry I can only give general ideas at this point.

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Are you using the cat5 cables supplied with the mount?

There have been issues reported that sound similar to this by those using these cables.

When I bought a CGE, I immediately replaced the cables with the best quality ones I could get....cat 7 cable and gold plated connectors...a bit longer too.

Try swapping the cables. If it is a cable fault, it may well then cause the DEC to be OK and the RA to have a problem.



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Hi Rossco,

As Rob said seems most likely. I don't own a Celestron mount but know a man who does !

No end of bother has been traced to the cables. He was thinking of a new mount until he found out. There is a replacement kit available where even the mount females get changed. Can't remember where. Canada I think.

Good luck.


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After a fair bit of reading up today, i've got it working again.

I had to slightly expand the metal shield on the supplied cables as apparently the CGE uses these as a ground and it couldn't have been getting a good connection.


I'd be interested if you know the cables u used as they obviously worked.


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