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Greetings from Mac.


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Just a quick hello.

I've been interested in astronomy for over 30 years, and currently belong to Orpington astronomical society.

Like most of the people in the UK, Light pollution and the lack of clear skies are a bain of my life.

Currently studding Astronomy to Degree Level, just for the sheer fun of it.

Finally got round to stripping my LX200 10" off of its mount and fitting it to a nice EQ6 Pro mount.

Just need to get the clear skies now to do some more imaging.


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A big hello to you all,

Im currently studding at the University of central Lancashire via distance learning, currently in my fifth year. Having studded

GCSE Astronomy(National Maritime Museum) after being press ganged by my wife, I then found out that Lancashire Uni did a modular degree course which you can take at your own pace.

Introduction to astronomy (prerequisite)


Energy Matter & Universe

IT For astronomy

Earth & Sun. (Current Module)

you can do as many or as few per year as you can handle.

6 units gives me the Cert HE

12 For the degree, each one is 20 points in the standard scoring for uni's.


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Thanks for the info, Mac.

I've been considering doing an OU degree in astronomy just for the 'fun' of it. But it's quite difficult to assemble a whole degree's worth of modules without getting too far away from the core of astronomy/cosmology. The UCL course looks to be a great alternative. I'll have to investigate it further


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