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Next refractor?

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I'm jumping the gun a little but im starting to think about the next refractor im considering buying. It wont be in a position to buy for at least 12 months so that gives me lots of time to make my mind up and (more importantly) to save my pennies! On the cards is a 5" APO and im looking at the ZS110 (£1600). I'de like the TMB 130/f6 but £3500 is a little out of my leauge really unless i win the lottery. In the budget end of the market is the Synta ED120 but i dont know why anyone would pay £1325 for this when the ZS110 is less than £300 more.

Does anyone else know of nice 5" APO's around the £1-2k mark? In my mind the faster the better although i'll be using it mostly for visual.

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Hi Gordon

your choice will be dictated probably by the budget! the WO apo will i am sure be very nice. other options new and used might be MEADE 5000 127 ED at £1499, used meade 127 ED, Beaconhill 5.25 apo, both around £1000 or less.

the high end stuff eg TAK FS128, TMB130 , TAK TOA 130 will be nearer £3000.

maybe used TMB 115. The jump to 5 inch apo is a big one moneywise! having said that, a TMB 150 was sold last year on astrobuy for £2350!!



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Even so, still a very nice scope! Well I have some time to save my pennies up! The midwife says we have about 3 to 7 weeks before d-day, and after then all bets are off hehe. I'm hoping that the setup i have now will last me some time! My poor shed looks empty as i've sold most of my kit now. The 8" f/8 has gone, the CG5 has gone, even the ED100 has gone and i promised to never sell that! The ED80 looks lonley in there on it's own i must say hehe, a nice TMB, APM or FSQ would keep him company no end im sure...

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I thought the ZS 110 was only 41/4ins not 5ins?

Also check out this month's Sky at Night mag. They test the ZS110 aginst your old ED100 ( as well as a few other 4ins APO's)

Good luck for D-Day and hope the scope budget holds up!


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