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First night out! 20/8/06


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I finally managed to get out last night for a couple of hours (though I had a rotten headache, was looking after my brothers screaming kids all afternoon!)

By the time I had set up and the scope had cooled, I managed to have a little viewing session.

First thing I noticed if how much things have moved around! Just within a month, Andromeda was directly over the top of my house, Cygnus was overhead, and Lyra is starting to move into the the west! Was very surprised by that.

Anyone my first targer...the dreaded M27! I have only viewed this one before, and then it took me an hour to find it! Last night it took about 10 mins, I was quite pleased with that! Looked fantastic now it's higher in there sky, though it looks more round than apple core shape. I could see some of the fibrous detail around some of the edges too!

My next target was M13 (how the hell do you sketch globs??) Anyway it looked stunning as ever, though I tried I little experiment. I took the power up to using a 4mm EP!! blumming HELL!! After spending about 5 mins to get a goof focus. the entire glob filled up the field of view! I could see dark patches within the edges of the cluster and everything, it was probably the best view of the night! Just a shame really the thing kept moving out of FOV lol.

Next was M57, The ring was a let down after see M13 like that..after all it's just a ring lol! It's nice using the 26mm 2" EP for that, although the ring looks smaller, It's a nice visual thing seeing a tiny ring in a mass of stars.

From there I when and found M31 (OK a large star hop across the sky, but whatever lol) M31 always looking stunning in the 26mm EP. You can clearly see some of the dust lanes, though the whole things doesn't quite fit in the EP. M31 and 101 can just about be seen with the 26mm as little smudge of light. Last night though for some reason, the LP seemed worse than it was normally, so I could probably get a better few when I find a dark spot.

Had a look at Cygnus after that, M29, 39 was bagged, I love M29, maybe because it was the first open I viewed with the new scope back in July, I'm not sure. M39 doesn't look as good visually in my opinion. I also have a look for the Crescent nebula..couldn't fine the 4 little stars it's in between, maybe try for it again when I'm in a better mood to find it.

I finally had a look around Cassiopeia. M103, M52 and NGC 663 all viewed. I like Cassiopeia alot, just really nice looking into the lush star field. I also had a look for the Bubble neb, I found a hint of nebulously but it didn't really look like a bubble. but there was defiantly something there.

With that the neighbours security light came on, so I called it a night and packed up.

It was really nice getting out there again after what feels like months. It was abit chilly, but I'm pleased to say the cold doesn't really bother me. The dew is a real pain in the Bottom though, I'm not sure how to counter that!

I did notice Orion and Taurus peeping over the eastern horizon last night, I was in 2 minds to move the scope so I could see a look at M42, but I think I'm going to save that until its higher in the sky, after all they say the first view of M42 is something special through a scope.


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