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Apologies to Ant


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We've just had a chat on the phone and then got round to talking about possible clear night tonight. I'm sorted, getting up at 3am and going for a Marsfest. But it's just dawned on Ant that he's lent almost his entire kit to me :) Sorry matey!!!! Would run it back up but i'd never make it time.

So Ant decided he was going to do some deepsky instead. Then realised he had lent me his LPR filter. :) And the moon will be up the entire night - 7pm till 5am :?

So that'll be the last time we do swap shop then? :):o:):o :o


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That was a sureal conversation on the phone wasn't it Russ...

Everytime I decided to do something I realised that I'd swapped the ideal thing with Russ :)

Not bothered. TBH it didn't really matter - the skies weren't as good as they were supposed to be!

Friday - clear ish, but by around 11pm a layers of high cloud had come over which meant that nothing buit the moon was visible.

Saturday - wall to wall cloud.

Sunday - see saturday!

Ho Hum.


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