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Mars earlier capture on the 17th

neil phillips

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Removed a link from my other post as i wasnt happy with it, Think this one is more balanced, got a few from the 17th i will be playing with the next week or so. Possibly enough for a small sequence, Colour as usual is like a lucky dip with me, but i like the way the subtle shadeing has come out at this smaller tighter scale. The 17th was a fairly good night for me, i think at last my processing might be starting to show it a little, ( this is not the best capture i dont think ? ) Just doing too much here, sometimes you need a break. but if my pc crashes ive lost them so no doubt, ill carry on

10" Europa spc 900

23:24 GMT


another shortly after


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Thanks Guys

KM the avis look amazing, ive never seen conditions like that on my monitor before. Everything was right, absoulutely no wind, great seeing, good collimation and good focusing. You know those rare times when everything all comes together, ( i know you know )

Yep def the second one, colour processing ect.

Even though im experimenting, think theres better resolution coming through on all of them. There is a clarity that ive not had for a long time. since i got some nice mono shots of saturn, But this was better. I was tempted to up the power, if i had a mono camera think i would have done, But didnt want push the spc too far, exposure was already on its slowest setting, gain quite high ( due to a fogged secondary. So i stuck with what was working, and im not too dis pleased i did that. If only all nights could be this good. It may be small ( still at x2 x3 stacked barlows here ) i mean resizing. but its tighter than ive posted all year. Thanks for commenting

Red Dwarf. you can. But you might have to save, for bigger than a 6" scope to achieve it, cheapest option would probably be a 10" skywatcher. on a vixen gp mount, thats the cheapest. highest f number you can get would help. this is f6.3, bigger newts allthough faster f numbers already have the focal length. I would get a 1/10th pv Orion f6.3. if it turns out like this one did tube assmbley well under a grand. though a C11 secondhand is another option, depends if you want new or not

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