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Sky at Night March Imagers.


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The following are listed either in the Mag, or on the CD Rom for March.


Starflyer----------------- Picture of the Month with The Cocoon Nebula and Barnard 168

Dangerous Dave. x2 ----- Orion Wide Field and The Pacman Neb.

Geppetto---------------- The Double Cluster in Perseus.

Skye at Night x2 -------- Messier 42. The Moon and Jupiter.

Dave Moulton------------- The Bubble Nebula

JSG---------------------- M31 The Andromeda Galaxy.

Coco--------------------- The Rosette Nebula

JCJC--------------------- The Elephants Trunk Nebula. ic1396.


Dangerous Dave and

Starflyer,POTM. Award.

in the Magazine this month.

Are any of these these names forum members to anyones knowledge.?:evil6:

Trevor Nurse.

Martin Rogers.

Colin Dutton.

Alan Clitherow.

Alan Tough.

Steve Knight.

Richard Jaworski.

Miguel Claro.

Paul Gordon.


Well done those who made the Magazine, and or CD Rom.

Special congrats to Starflyer.


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Jordan Cook, is me :evil6: If it is Jordon Cook, then it could not be me :o

Spelled with an O on the CD. The Image should clinch it for you though. The Elephants Trunk, IC1396, 18-26 October. 2009.

Canon 350 200mm Lens, Celestron CG-5.

Yay or Nay?:eek:


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