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Imaging with a full frame DSLR

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Is anyone imaging with a full frame DSLR?

For my day job I shoot on a Canon 1DS mk3 and also have my old 1DS mk1, now retired and gathering dust in a cupboard. Modifying the mk3 for AP is out of the question but I'm unsure if it's worth getting the mk1 done as it's quite old technology now and was always a [removed word] for noise in shadow areas. Despite being a fantastic camera and the one that persuaded many professional photographers to make the switch to digital from film, it really doesn't handle underexposure well and hasn't got live view either.

So basically what I want to know is - is it worth modding the mk1 and whether or not I'm heading for a world of pain by trying to use either of these very heavy camera bodies.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to AP but my intentions are to start with lunar views (fairly close and wide view) and work up to DSOs. I have a Skywatcher MN190 mounted on a NEQ6 and intend to add a guide scope, etc soon. A CCD will follow too, depending on how long it takes me to tackle this steep learning curve and if it ever stops raining in Somerset. Actually, it's snowing now!

Many thanks,


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I had my 300D done by Astronomiser. Excellent job, and I'm still using this old technology.

But If I look at his site them he doesn't do the modification for 1DS at all.

Maybe you should check to see if the mod is available for the 1DS before you consider using it for AP in this way.



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