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Cygnus star field


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Quickly popped out to make the most of the clear spell. Stuck the 300D on the HEQ5 and aimed at Deneb. Despite the worse than normal LP, could still see the Milkyway. And couldn't resist a pic or two. I moved onto Andromeda afterwards but the dew overwhelmed the Zenith camera lens.

So just the one pic to post, specs are:

4 images stacked - 1x1min, 1x2min, 1x3min, 1x5min

All with Baader 2" Moon & Skyglow filter

Canon EOS 300D with Zenith 58mm lens

Driven on HEQ5 Skyscan

Stacked in ImagesPlus 2.10a and tweaked in Photoshop CS2



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Thanks for comments everyone.

Martin, it's quite hard getting the balance right between bringing out the detail, keeping it natural and loosing the vignetting. Steve's version certainly boosts the North American and Rossette but loses some of the Milkyway in the process. I reckon if we could just a get a version part way between yours and Steve's, it would be perfect.


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