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Nebula Filters

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Hiya Guys

Need some advise on which filters to use for my Skywatcher 8'ch Dob

I see that on the FLO site Skywatcher do their own filters are they any good for nebulas? reading other threads Baader seem to work best as they don't dim the surrounding stars.

the other thing im looking into is Imaging however don't know where to start, as im aware unguided mounts can be a pain cause it can cause the image to slurr due to having to manually move the scope.

been looking at SLR cameras and there not cheap minimum of about £300 - £400 ouch ;)

Thanks for your advise

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"Nebula" filters come in a number of types and all dim the background stars to some extent. The Baader UHC-S filter works well in smaller apertures because it lets through a slightly wider bandwidth than other UHC filters. With an 8" scope I suggest that this is not such an important issue so you would find a standard UHC or even an OIII would work well. I found the Orion (USA) Ultrablock a pretty effective filter - it's a type of UHC filter. If you want to use them with 2" eyepieces you will ned to consider 2" size filters of course.

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Thanks Johmason

Ill go with the Skywatcher OIII Filter and the UHC Filter.

Looking forward to see the Orion Nebula before spring/summer comes in and ill have to wait winter again to see it at a normal time. ;), im also gonna buy a Barlows Lens



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