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M51 over 2 nights

Taken on the same nights as M81/82 - done to avoid meridian flips!

Modded Canon 1000D 27 x 5 mins @ ISO800 on a 10" F/4 SNT, CLS LP filter, Baader MPCC, guided using a QHY5 on a finderscope and PHD.

Thanks for having a look and any comments/tips much appreciated.

I am wondering if the guiding is going well to try some 10mins x ISO 400 would this be any use or just more of the 5min x ISO800 to improve the image quality? These figures are the limits due to my LP


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now that is very impressive,

did you use reducer with your 10"?

I have got 1000D as well, not modded, but have not idea how to do DSO with C9.25

Did you only use ISO 800 or you took 200 ISO and worked your way up to 800 ?

can I get away by using telescope with 1000D without guiding camera?

Thank you in advance for any input.

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Thanks for the kind comments, I am very self critical of my images especially when I see some of the most excellent and detailed work others post.

I think you might be right Olly I will have another look at the tiff file.

Resonator - no reducer just the Baader coma corrector, the scope is well fast at F/4.

I only use ISO 800 on this one, if the tracking is doing well I might go for some 10mins at ISO400 but 800 seems to be good on my camera, even at 1600 you can get some good images. With a C9.25 a focal reducer is often recommended a 0.63 one is available IIRC.

For months I went unguided using ISO1600 at one or two minute subs tops but guiding is something that really makes a difference - when it works! I have learnt the hard way some of the pitfalls of autoguiding but it is well worth it in the end.

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Another fine image Pete... :p

and to think I caught you talking about dedicated Astro CCD's earlier tut tut ;) ;)



Just a rush of blood Peter, got a long way to go with the Canon before investing in any CCD stuff.

Two things are on the go, picking which of my scopes to use as main imager, 120ED next on test, and build my roll off obsy.

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