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Best view of mars yet

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Hi all,

Just had my very best view of mars this evening, with my spanking new 5mm EP ;). Easily saw the polar ice cap in the north. The dark area in the south was so detailed that, instead of just a vague dark band-area, i could see its proper shape - any idea what that sea was called (the dark band with a circular area on the right)?


Thats basically what I could see at 200x (if you squint very slightly). The scope handled it all very well and i could definitely see more detail at 200x with my new TS Planetary 5mm EP than with my old 6.3mm kelner.

Im very pleased I bought the omni xlt 120 refractor, now that I know it can definitley handle 200x for planetary viewing. I am now planning my next eyepice purchase to bring the scope to life even more - a big 2" 38mm low power jobby.

Couldnt find the whirlpool galaxy though ;) - I searched to the bottom right of the pan-handle for ages but still no cigar. Im still quite rubbish at finding targets that are not visible with the naked eye (using turn left at orion), hopefully the big 38mm will make this easier!???

hope you all had good views tonight and didnt get too cold (snow on the ground here)



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One word Wurzil... "Telrad" it is the miracle device of finding for us new folk. .

yeah - a new finderscope is definitley on my "to buy" list

Thanks for the map Kris77 - I reckon that the circular dark patch was syrtis major and the dark band it joins onto was the Mare Tyrrhenum.


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