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Space Race. BBC 2 @ 21:00 tonight.


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Very impressed. I don't usually like so-called 'docu-dramas' as they usually dumb down the subject and make (at best) tenuous connections or claims to glam up the drama side at the expense of the docu side.

I defineatly be watching next week!!

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What did you think Steve? I though it was well acted, the voice over was informative but didn't get in the way and it looked very well put together.

I was unable to watch it on the night so recorded it.  I shall add the second (and final) part to the tape this week then watch it in its entirety. 

If anyone has missed it I'd be pleased to send them the tape, then have it passed on baton style. 

Steve :)


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Looks interesting, a four parter documenting the battle beween USSR and America.

Wot! I thought it was a two parter ... I'd best get some more tape :scratch:

I may be wrong Steve but I'm sure my magazine said 4 parts....the way the story is going seems to indicate 4 parts, WW2 has just finished.

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Just read there is 4 part's! Just thinking about the programe, there should be more astronomy on Tv dont you think chaps? i mean Sky at Night once a month(not inc repeats) is a joke for a start with so much going on in the world of astronomy:(.

James :)

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