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Hind's Crimson Star


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Being a galaxy fan I've never spent much time tracking down interesting stars but I came on this one (R Leporis) last night while hopping with the 12" dob. My set-up isn't great for colour (Mars was very washed-out with only a hint of pink) but at low power "Hind's Crimson Star" was an incredibly lurid orange colour, quite surreal. Apparently it's rated one of the most colourful stars in the sky. Well worth checking out.

R Leporis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I was making my way to nearby galaxy group Hickson 32 - where I barely glimpsed just one member. The star stole the show.

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This one is for you then. Don't know if the Garnet Star (Mu Cephei) is a carbon star, it's very red too - I saw that one ages ago while hopping to something or other in Cepheus. But I found the Crimson Star more eye-popping.

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