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Saturn and Titan with 127mm Mak @f23.6


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viewed saturn back in june last year few times but never had webcam at time so couldn't wait to try webcam

only managed 1 avi on 1st feb as shivering with cold 4am

not great but this was my 1st ever attempt using webcam on Saturn

and was glad to just get something see 1st Feb pic(stack of 130/400)

second night 3rd feb got at least 10 40sec avi's @10fps of reasonable quality

on processing one of last avi's from 3rd feb i noticed i had captured Titan,

its still very feint but hopefully u can make it out on pic,

this wasn't intended and was only after checking stellarium realised it was Titan,

checked other avi's but it's only noticeable on 2 last avi's

not bad for 2nd attempt, hope to try again soon.

click on 2nd pic for details and full 100% and 150% resize





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Nice reprocess James, i often wake up in the morning look at my processing and think what was i thinking, The important point is you know its not right, judgment is everything for processing isnt it. Funny how we always see the flaws between 20 mins and 24 hours later dont we, just get caught up in the processing moment i guess, Its happened to me a lot recently so i know what you speak of.

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hey Stuart this was 1st effort processing

slight better reprocessed one is here


used SPC 900 Webcam with UV/IR Filter

used x2 barlow

Had been imaging Mars also that night

found with Saturn

had to increase gain to allmost full

kept gamma low

then adjusted exposure time slider

also adjusted white balance,

saturation and brightness n contrast

got about 10 x 40sec avi's of which 2 seem better than rest

stacked 200 - 300 out of 400 frames

cheers James

Neil thx for comments and previous tips, advice

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Thanks James! They really are cracking images especially getting Titan too! Which image capture software do you use? I've been trying to use Astrocapture but only been getting a low frame rate (5-9 fps). Can get up to 15 fps with other software but i like the layout of Astrocapture.

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