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First ever meteor on camera

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As you all know I have recently been getting into astrophotography and one thing I have wanted to do is to capture meteor trails, primarily when a good shower such as the perseid, leonids or geminids are on.

Last night I was attempting some star trail shots. Because of light pollution I tend to leave the shutter open for 30 seconds on continous shooting and then stack them all together....that was the plan!

Set the camera up...went in for a cuppa and came out to cloud :-(

There was one good shot....well reasonable shot....managed to catch a meteor going through UMi


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Dave, what time was that ? it looks like a satellite flaring. What orientation is the frame... if the line is North-South, then it's probably an Iridium. I've found, that meteors are so short lived, compared to a 30 second exposure, that most of them can barely be seen in the frame at full size... I need to work on that one myself, I'm thinking 10 seconds for meteors.

I hope you don't mine, but it also looks like it's a little shy of the focus point too..

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Nope, nothing wrong with that - great capture. Just change the caption on the picture and show your mates. Bet most of them will look blankly when you tell them it's an Iridium flare - but wait until you tell them you can see man made satellites from Earth!

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