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New "Must have" Canon 550D -all singing and dancing!

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HD video will be at 30, 25 or 24fps. We'll also have to wait to see what the sensors noise performance is like - them pixels are getting smaller all the time - the chip stays the same size, just the number of pixels increases.

I have to say the only extra for me (by the looks of it) is full HD video recording which isn't very useful for AP work. It's still 14 bit, so the same as the 450D....

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Absolutely. I still prefer full-frame 35 mm sensors 9for regular photography, but for astrophotography this looks great
As far as I can see, the 550D is the same bit-depth as the 450D - 14bit. I don't see it adds much for AP unless you need more resolution or the sensor is lower noise/higher performance. Certainly not at £799 body only.....
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It's very similar to the 7d, although I think I'd rather have a 7d... although my 450d isn't even 2 years old yet and it looks like it's about to be retired by Canon :). The price point isn't far off the 7d, and I have to wonder about the shutter rating and the build of the body... is the 7d tougher than the 550d ? is the shutter going to be rated for 50000 clicks like the 450d ?

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If the video function gets good reviews I may consider to sell my rarely used video camera and one of my DSLRs to gather some funds and upgrade to the 550d.

Still I been less and less involved in photography recently. Don't know if I can make good use of the investment.

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