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Meade Series 5000 UWA lens coating issue

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Hi all,

I have two Meade Ultra Wide Angle 24 & 32mm lenses, both seem to have a blemish that covers 1/4 of the lens which I assume to be the coating coming off - Is it worth taking the coating off completely or just leave it be?


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Leave it be. It's unusual to see such a fault - perhaps they have been cleaned over vigourously by a previous owner ?. If you bought them new, contact the supplier immediately and arrange an exchange / refund. If bought privately then I guess it depends wheter the seller was open about the issue. It may not affect the eyepiece performance too much but it would certainly affect their value so should have been disclosed.

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I havent used them yet, I was told it didn't really affect the view so thought it was worth taking them (Got them for a good price with a scope)

What would you recommend cleaning them with? Alcohol?


Are they useless now? :)


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They should not be useless, but they will show reduced contrast with respect to perfectly coated EPs.

Whatever you do, DO NOT remove more coating. This will only increase internal reflections. How bad the effect is I do not know. Looking at astronomical objects is one way to find out. The moon should be a punishing object to test for internal reflections. For extended deep-sky objects I would not expect too many problems, because the internal surfaces should be OK. I think most lens-cleaning agents are alcohol-based. Be careful to choose a lint-free cloth suitable for optical surfaces. I personally hate optical tissues, they always leave some fibres in my experience.

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