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Scope time rental..

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Does anyone have any experience of buying time on large telescopes?

I've tried the Bradford Uni one, which is free, but now I'm after bigger and better! Issue is they are not cheap and before i invest lots of money I'd be interested to know what experiences other people have had.



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I was until being made redundant a gold membership user of Slooh. To be honest it is sort of ok, but and it is a big but, it was no substitute for looking through a real telescope. The membership gave me unlimited viewing time (controlling the targets to be viewed) which was prebooked via timed slots through the web site.

You could also take photos of what was in the FOV, although again these were not that good and I soon got fed up with it all. They do however have observatories in Canary's, Chile and Australia. You can check it out here

SLOOH - Your Live Online Observatory

For me it was about supporting/funding the project and not about replacing my telescope.


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