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ROR - change of plan


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After posting my earlier thread for a plan to build a ROR Observatory, I have been doing a line of sight survey and the outcome is that the pier needs to be where I had placed originally for my mount only "half obsy".

This means a ROR shed will not work so I propose to build a roll off self made "box" approx 5 ft cube. I was thinking of building a frame of 2x2 timber, have double doors at one end and clad the whole thing with exterior plywood to keep the weight down, add 4 good quality castors and a track for the castors to run on.

I would have a sloping top that was covered with felt and coat the wood with weather proofing paint.

The fact that the bottom of the "box" would be off the ground due to the height of the castors would provide ventilation, and I need to work out a way of anchoring it down in case of storms.

As I am not a DIYer any comments/ideas to improve the design or "don't do that!" would be most welcome.


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Cheers Bizbuilder for the link, luckily I have a nice size shed to house me, the computer and storage of bits so I don't need a full height box.

TJ, my property is on a slope with the house higher up.

Where I wanted to place the ROR was in place of the greenhouse which lies at the bottom of the garden below the large shed, so I would lose all northern views inc Polaris. Also placing it there would expose the scope to a lot of light pollution.

If you look at the picture, in the foreground you can see the rail for some steps down from the shed and house, and to the right of the path is the greenhouse. So down in that small hollow and next to the path where I placed the mount gives me best shelter from wind and LP, behind the screening are conifers, and provides the best all round views, the garden faces S, house to the N.

I feel although I could put up a full ROR obsy but I would be compromising to many other things.



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