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Imaging checklist Saturday 6th Feb


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1. Turn on PC

2. Open roof

3. Turn on camera

4. Turn on mount

5. Load MaximDL

6. Enable imaging and guide cameras

7. Load Cartes du Ciel

8. Invoke EQMod from Cartes du Ciel

9. Remove dust caps from imaging and guide telescopes

10. 1 star align on Betelgeuse

11. Select Ha filter

12. Fit Bahtinov mask and fine focus on Betelgeuse

13. Remove Bahtinov mask

14. Slew to Rosette Nebula

15. Capture guide star image

errrr what guide star image?

16. Notice full cloud cover

17. Fit dust caps to imaging and guide telescopes

18. Park mount

20. Disconnect mount in Cartes du Ciel

21. Close Cartes du Ciel

22. Disable imaging and guide cameras

23. Close MaximDL

24. Turn off cameras

25. Turn off mount

26. Turn off PC

27. Close roof

28. Lock up

29. Go inside and watch TV

I am so hacked off with this stupid hobby that my first piece of advice at the forthcoming SGL Imaging Workshop will be to take up some other hobby to maintain your sanity :)

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