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Widefield Plough Pic


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Just thinking that myself

If thats not colour tweaked then I'm envious of your dark sky :D :D

The dotted line seems to have been an aircrafts flashing lights but

I'm curious about the other line. Just wondered if it might have been

an Iridium flare?

Any chance you might check with Heavens Above site to see if one

was forcast for that time :D

Love widefield shots 8)

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Loceing pic Greg 8)

Just to show how bad my LP is from my location here's an image unprocessed i took a few days ago:rolleyes:

25secs exp static tripod iso 1600.


A little bit of processing skills get's you this..

25x25 sec's stacked images iso 1600 each frame rotated to account for Field rotation.


Still not great :D

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All I did to it was get rid of the orange amp glow on the right hand side by cropping it a little.

When Steve came over the other night we did a wide field 4min single exposure od Cygnus.....He had to brighten the image to try and get Cygnus out of it!

So yes I am lucky that I probably live in the darkest site in Devon. Will try and organise a SP here one year..

I was thinking that it could be an iridium flare, but wasn't sure.

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