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Rosette 3rd Feb


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I setup as soon as I got home from work yesterday as BBC weather had it clear and I thought the moon would be up an hour or so after dark. In the end Luna never appeared till around 11pm, shows how much I know - I never can work it out!

Anyway with this bit of good fortune I spend a total of 3hrs on the Rosette in 10min subs - so this is 18X 10 min subs. The camera was my modded 350d and the scope was an ED80. The guiding was spot on last night as well so I have night tight stars even when zoomed to 100%.

The good thing with my setup now is that I can leave it all running and stick the Telegizmo cover over the scope and camera's. So.... at midnight I retired for the evening leaving it running the dark frames, today when I came home I took some flat frames (50 of 'em).

Anyway here is my image, stacked in DSS and tweaked in Photoshop - I took the red channel and sharpened that, then added it back in as a Lum layer - does that make this RRGB? I did take an image of this last year and was quite pleased but I think this years effort with more subs, modded cam and most importantly Flats (I find a false flat is no good when there is something like the Rosette in the middle as it gets mistaken as vignetting, or at least the way I create a false flat it does!).

As always I am open to suggestions on any further improvements I can make, I am not 100% happy with the colour of the background - I played about removing some green and adding blue and settles on this.

So..... enough waffling.....


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