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moon 03-02-10


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well i got my scope and skyscout for xmas from my gran and nan, then with my xmas money, I got my 2x Barlow from harrison for £41, then some baader lens cleanser (cos a moth or something or other has made some smudges on my lens) from pulsar optical for £9.50, then my gran and nan have got me a(I think its celestron) camera adaptor bracket from the place where they got my scope from (even thought I just asked for a quote as I knew I could a skywatcher one for £35 with free p + p off the net. So I gotta give them the money for that when I next see them. Then on Friday, I ordered a Skywatcher AZ4 mount for £180, and last night I bought a meade 3x barlow for £30 and a microfibre optical cloth for £2, and next payday I'm paying £44 for a 7 piece colour filter set.... me thinks I've indulged myself enough for the moment...... oh and I bought a flight case with foam for £15 off maplins this after noon for my e.p's barlows and finderscope.... I have well and truely splashed out astropete...phew!!

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thats the way to go.

with me it was the scope (avi pic) then the camera, then the camera adaptor, the eyepices then the padded case, then a bigger shed, and a larger memory lappy, sent my wife and daughter loopy with requests.

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