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Horsehead and NGC 2023


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I've wanted to image the horse head framed with NGC 2023 for some time. The small reflection nebula is over shadowed (literally!) by it's dramatic neighbour and gets a bit lost on wide field shots.

Date Ha 30th Jan, RGB 31st Jan

Scope: 10" LX200R

Camera: QSI 532 with SX Active optics and Lodestar guider

Filters: Baader 7nm Ha and Astronomic Type II RGB

Exposures: Ha 13x1200 secs, R+G each 20x150 secs and B 20 x300 secs.

Captured and calibrated with Maxim. Registered, combined and deconvolved in CCDStack and finished in PS. The colour image is HaHaRGB and the mono is Ha.

The full moon was adding about 200ADUs to the 20min Ha exposures, so not too much of a problem, but about 600ADUs to the blue over 5 mins. The colour suffered pretty badly from the moon and I have struggled to keep the noise down. Another big problem was flexure with the long image train which meant it was't possible to line my chip accurately for the flats.

On the plus side, with careful framing I was able to get Altinak on my Lodestar. This meant the active optics system could really do it's stuff - averaging 13 guide cycles per second. The seeing was mediocre especially on the second night but the AO helped to tighten things up quite a bit.

I'm a bit disappointed with NGC 2023 but I do like the Ha stuff especially all the dimmer mix of Ha and dust below B33.



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this picture is just fantastic, I am now thinking of taking pic my self

I have a Meade Lx90 8" ACF do you think I could get picutres like this ? have you any more pics to show us

well done,


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That's about the crispest HH I've seen Martin, great detail.

The AO really was working well, and is a big poke in the eye for those who disparage Meade scopes...their mounts may be a bit iffy at times, but nothing wrong with the optics :)



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