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Collimation tools for a 6" F8 newtonian?

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Hi, I recently picked up an Orion Skyquest Intelliscope off E-bay, (thanks to a Lounge tip-off !)

and have pottering around with it , time permitting, cleaning it up, washing the mirror etc.

so far so good, but the collimation is way out and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend

a decent collimating tool for a 1.25" focusser, the simpler the better.

I have a set of Jim Fly collimating tools for my 10" Dob (which I have persevered with on the 10" with varying degrees of success ) but I have no 1.25" tools.

Any reccomendations for a cheap(ish) simple collimating device?

Cheers, Bob.

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Thanks for the help guys.

Im sure that I have a laser collimator somewhere in the house, (E-Bay purchase a couple of years ago !)

but Im damned if I can remember where it is!!.

I may purchase a cheshire eyepiece and try that.

The saving grace is that ( Im led to believe) the f8 scope should require collimating a lot less frequently than my f5 scope.

Cheers, Bob.

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