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AVI Off Centre-How can I fix

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I posted the following yestersday

Took my first 2 avi's of Mars tonight, when I import them into Registax I get the error: Scan Line Index out of range

Looking at my avi files they do show mars but in the bottom right hand corner, so when I open them in Registrax the planet is bottom right, and i need it in the middle, is there anyway to reprocess and avid to get it centred ?


John B

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PCFE software should auto-centre the planet for you. It's a bit involved though

Firstly download VirtualDub Welcome to virtualdub.org! - virtualdub.org

Load up the AVI then select save as image sequence (or something similar). make sure you save it to a new folder.

Load PCFE Files Library - IceInSpace

Select the folder to process and make sure is makes a new copy of each file (can't remember what the option is called.)

Wait a a while whilst it does it's magic and half fills your hard disk.

Open regsitax in a resizable window.

Select the 'output' folder of the bitmaps created by PCFE. selct all the files then drag and drop them into Registax.

I hope this works

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