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HEQ5+synscan upgrade saga continued

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So, I got the Skywatcher Power Pack charged again, and ordered a power supply. On Friday night I tested out the HEQ5, and eventually managed to figure out how to get it aligned and so on (the HEQ5 was much easier to use before...). I used the meade 5" refractor, and it seemed to work OK, a bit of a rumble when starting and stopping slewing, but once it was warmed up it seemed fine. Then, last night, I tried it out with the SPX again. It worked OK, but it sounded like an old banger I used to own, when the gears were slipping, when it slewed in certaing angles, and starting and stopping sometimes. Tonight I tried with the Onyx - not a problem. The noise was definitely different from when I had the power issues, and bending the contact slightly seems to have ensured the connection is sound. One thing I did notice tonight was that when I have the DSLR and the mount connected to the pack, when the DSLR was switched on, the light on the mount flickered off and back on. Same when I switched on LiveView. So, I'm guessing the power pack is a problem. Sometimes is takes all night/day to recharge, other times it still looks like it is charging after nearly 24 hours, other times it seems to charge in a few hours.

Anyway, back to the gears (or whatever is under the bonnet that isn't part of the Synscan upgrade). The SPX is well within the limits of an HEQ5, on paper at least, but if the HEQ5 is struggling with the SPX (which was balanced) then I guess that could be the power pack pushing out too little current. But, I'm also wondering if the transmission is actually slipping. I've seen the info on stripping, cleaning and re-greasing - and had hoped to avoid doing this. I guess I could hang on until the power supply arrives, see how that works, but I'm wondering whether this is the sort of thing that has prompted others to do this?


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