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Aldi Powerstation 17AH £29.99 Today

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Hi, I have just come back from ALDI with one of these, for 30 quid I think it is quite good. I have just made myself a 12v to scope adaptor thanks to a bit of solder and electrical tape and suffice to say it all works pretty damn well, plenty of power compared to the batteries I have been using and for the car, the compressor seems quite powerful too. Overall happy so far.. any probs and I'll report on here!

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I've had a few things from Aldi and Lidl, including a combination microwave, a belt sander, a tap & die set, various hand tools and a bread maker and can honestly say that the quality is spot on. Most of their items would be good at twice the price (or maybe more in B & Q!)

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Don't let it run out of power, nor overcharge it. Both of these are a surefire way to kill these batteries.

If they do die you can buy better and higher power battery's from Maplins and replace the old one.

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I had one, It was a dog!

and a dead one now at that!

wouldnt touch them again.


I am a fan of Aldi but had the same problem.

could not find my receipt and so it went to the dump.

Remember to keep your receipt for this-you may need to use the guarantee.

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