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First try with PHD (M42)


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This weekend ive been getting into phd guiding, and its pretty damn good ;) But its taught me just how a sub can be ruined by walking around (you can see its effect in the phd graph window), the ground was frozen solid so maybe that contributed to vibrations.

Last night I started off at 30 sec, moving on to 100sec, then 240sec - pushing it further each time to see how far it can go. I made it up to 4min subs before being interruptred by snow. It was good to see that phd was doing a good job of tracking M42. It was even possible to see M42 from the QHY5 so therer were no probs in finding a guidestar. Anyway, after about 90 min of clouds I called it a night and to just run with what ive got.

Overall.... QHY5 gets the thumbs-up from me :)

Tips for next time:

1) Better to have USB control of the D60 from a nice comfy chair rather than having to stand still for ages (hurty legs).

2) Point the focuser + attached D60 and 2"barlow parallel with the counterweight and underneath the OTA (hard to describe...lol), but Ive found this helps massively with the balance.

3) On the CG5 GT.... 2 star align, polar align, 2 star align + 3 calib stars.

Anyways, here is what I got from DSS when I put them all together. There was a lot of glow from the full moon which washed it out a fair bit, but overall im pleased with what I got so far. It even managed to split the trapezium. ;)

a) 5x120s, 10dark, 6 bias

:D 5x120s, 1x160s, 1x280s, 10 dark, 10 bias



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I will have another go tonight weather permitting, but gotta pop over to asda first for more usb extentions ;) Though this time I will try for something higher in the sky to get a darker image, probably M31, 45, M81/82 as M42 only just manages to creep over the roof of my house.

You have to make the most of clear skies, full moon or not :)

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