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Hello all, New member here, My real name is Paul, 34 from Sevenoaks, UK. I have been in astronomy for several years on and off. I really got back into astronomy about 5 years ago when I brought a Meade ETX125. Since then I've not looked back and progresed upto a 8" Skywatcher Newtonian on a HEQ5 Pro. I now also own a Meade DSI Pro (with peltier mod), Philips webcam, Skywather ED80, QHY5 guide cam, a Celestron 70AZ as a guide scope, and my Canon 1000D. All this equipment and I'm still learning how to get the best out of my equipment - seem to get more bad nights than good nights.

So I hope to pick up some good tips and some inspiration from your images.

All this and I enjoy photography as well, which can be seen on my Flickr page Flickr: The Dragon Master1975's Photostream

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Hi Paul, a very warm welcome to the community of SGL. It certainly can be a frustrating hobby but stick with it, I'm sure with a little help from members here you will soon overcome any problems, don't be shy and ask away no matter how silly you think your question is.


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