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LX90 LNT - RA stopped slewing ?? Help

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Hi All. Just about to attempt a session with my LX90 but have a bit of an issue. Tried for auto align option as I usually do. Scope sets itself level ok ( Dec motor) but wont attempt to find north (RA motor)?? :)

When I go to manual slewing its fine in Dec but RA wont budge. Yes, I have locked off both axis.

Other thing I have noticed is I no longer have a small red light showing on the LNT module thingy. Only just noticed this. Cud I need a new battery?. Cant see why this wud affect the slewing tho TBH, especially in manual mode.

Updated the 497 autostar handset for the first time last month. Do I need to do this again ?

Just trying to come up with possibilities.

Any help greatly appreciated. John

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