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CG-5 goto problems, please help

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I have been trying to get my CG-5 gt to track solar system objects on a number of occasions but to no avail.

I keyed in data as required using provided keypad with all dates (US standard) time zone and etc.

In the menu I chose tracking/EQ-north, also tried with lunar and solar tracking but it would not track at all.

I did not polar align the scope as I had not planned DSO imaging at the time.

Can anyone advice what might be the problem? ;):)

Many thanks in advance.

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You will have to do some polar alignment or else the earth is rotating about one axis and the scope will be rotating around another.

Worst case would be to set it up pointing south. Then the sky would rotate L-R and the scope would rotate R-L. So objects would disappear twice as fast.:):D:D

A consequence of a goto is that they do need to start off more or less pointing the right way even if the full alignment is not performed. The goto software makes assumptions.

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If all you want is rough tracking for visual then all you need to do is set the tripod and scope up so that when the index marks are aligned and the scope is pointing up the scope is pointing North. That should be enough to keep objects in the eyepiece for a resonable time.


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... and if you want to go a step up in polar alignment without getting too fussy just set it up so that Polaris is visible through the polar scope borehole. That should do you fine for anything other than deep sky imaging. :)


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thank you Capricorn for the advice.

Do you know the quick polar alignment for CG-5 GT? as I am not into DSO, quick (rough) polar alignment should be enough for me.


Not sure this is the official method, but it seems to work OK for me (also inexperienced with a CG5). It assumes you have a view North and can see Polaris

1. Set latitude on scale (only first time)

2. Point polar axis approx North with compass

3. Level with bubble level

4. Set RA and DEC axes to index marks

5. Look through finder and move tripod a bit to put Polaris in middle of FOV.

6. Looking through scope adjust Alt and Az bolts to centre Polaris.

This gives me rock solid performance for visual, and not bad for short exposure imaging.


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Heres what i did with my cg5 last night

1: rough polar align the mount (making sure its level)

2: power on, do 2 star align

3: use the handsets polar align function

4: power off/on

5: 2 star align (2 stars west of meridian)

6: add 3 calibration stars from the east side of the meridian.

Should be pretty much bang on in then terms of goto accuracy and tracking for short exposures. hope that helps

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