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Fingers Crossed for Friday.


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who's actually been out recently? :)

Not me, I aint been out since beforew xmas. In fact I think it was 2 weeks before xmas. In the time I thik I have actually missed 2 or 3 good nights for 1 reason or another.

So, as the title says, fingers crossed.............. ;)


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The whole weekend will be perfect skies, I know this as my mount has gone back to supplier to be replaced and I can't use my scope until Mon/Tues earliest.

I feel your pain...

Friday will be clear, because I'm having to take my missus out..

Saturday will become even more transparent and clear due to the fact that we are going to friends house for a meal..my wife wants to drive and drink tea! so I will have alcohol force down my neck otherwise we will look like a couple of female pigs...

good luck everyone.... :)

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I was out on tuesday, in hertfordshire, nice and clear, mars was bright, got good looks at orion nebula (I always start there to check my goto alignment because I know I can find it even if the alignment is off), the beehive cluster and a couple of easy double stars. Went to bed before saturn came up though...hopefully soon it will be up at more sociable hours.

Cold though, there was frost on the scope within 30mins.

Hoping to try out my new paradigm eyepiece this weekend

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Quel surprise !!! Fullish Moon and clear skies ;)

Good luck Gary on the first light and congrats to you and yours Steve :)

If I do get out tonight or over the wk-end then it'll be the first time in well over a month ! And let's not forget how poor November was too !

gripe gripe gripe..........

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Forecast is holding...clear from 9pm tonight, then clouding over sometime Saturday night. Although Metcheck have the clear spell lasting longer with the whole of Friday and Saturday nights clear. :)

Observing schedule will be: Mars this evening, Saturn tomorrow morning and Mars again tomorrow evening.

Everything is crossed.

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I see skies of blue,

(A few) Clouds of white,

I'm hoping for

a dark clear night,

And I say to myself...........

I'm so bored at work.

Sorry Louis :)

Yes indeed, nothing worse than watching the time tick by. I now can't concentrate on work, can only think about tonight. And the skies are clearing here in Hampshire...hehe

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It was meant to be clear tonight, but I've just come back from a moonlight walk that quickly turned into a snow blizzard (Met office made no mention of this!). Two inches on the ground at the moment....

Edited by Beulah
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