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Minimum graphics spec

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I have tried to update the drivers on an old laptop I have but unfortunately it still won't run Stellarium.

It will run other free software such as Astro work bench and the Meade Astro suite but to be honest I prefer the Stellarium style as i feel it is more user friendly for a novice.

please can anyone suggest a minimum spec laptop or notebook that would run Stellarium as cheaply as possible.

It doesn't have to run anything else just Stellarium.

Alternatively would it be cost effective to install a different card in the laptop I have, it is pretty old and noisy!

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Are you certain it's the graphics card? Try making sure that your directx is fully up to date, many think that theirs is, in fact many aren't, Directx release incremental updates regularly, here's a link to the latest one redist (redist means you download the full thing instead of having to wait for it to update online) :-


Also I'm not sure what stellarium runs on but also check your c++ runtimes are up to date.

Whilst at it I'd also make sure java is up to date as well, I wouldn't have thought stellarium was particularly graphically demanding which makes me think it maybe something else.

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