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Sat at home last night about 20.00hrs, nowt on TV.

Found myself thinking!!

I wish the dark nights would hurry up and get here??

You know the ones, dark at 1700hrs and -5 crystal clear.

Think I need to get out more.

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Half of me starts to get depressed as it's starting to get dark earlier.....No warm evening bike rides and cold and miserable early mornings..

Half of me is happy that it's getting dark earlier....Scopes out and cooling down from 5pm :D

If you see what I mean....

I'll get my coat!!!!

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Been on holiday for the past coupe of weeks and it all started great. ~Friday night started with a session from 11 - 3 and closed with a bottle of becks and a view of m32 (if i remember correctly). Great I thought; this is going to be the best couple of weeks for late night sessions without freezing half to death. Since then, wall to wall cloud. The next word should start with an "f"! Well, we did get a couple of clear spots but my mate the moon outshone everything, even next doors security lamp. Why do we do this?

Gary :D

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