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200+ Space, Science and Astronomy Documentary Streams! Outstanding!


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I came across this page and felt like sharing it with the astro community.

It has more then 200 Astronomy, Space Science, Cosmology Documentary Streams Online! Easy Streaming, just pick a Topic and start Streaming.

There are in total about 500 Science Docus.. awesome.

What do you think about this site?

Streaming-Madness.net // Watch Free Documentaries Online!

Have a good day stargazers!

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Yea such stuff just rox! Waiting for a nice Documentary in TV .... forget it :)

and yea, i´ll stay as i´m passionate in astrophography... still learning though! Wating for nice weather and so on hehe.

i just cant stop watching those documentaries since 2 years, some are so great you can watch them 5x in a row.

as astronerd u gotta have something like that in your bookmarks!

have a good day fellas!

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I heard Zuke696 joined streaming-madness.net :)

hell, that guy had more than 20.000 subscribers on his last youtube channel wich got suspended 2 months ago...

He shows link to the site on his new youtube chan wich is now here: http://www.youtube.com/users/Zuke969

I think there will be huuuuuuge updates anytime soon. Site seems rock solid already. Lots of improvements in the past few weeks.

Have a good one!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Now this is outstanding. Way better then Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking in my opinion...

That new series is called How The Universe Works. So far there re like 6 or 7 Episodes online. I watched them all :> Very nice stuff, very well done animations, your favorite scientists are there, like geoff marcy, michio kaku and many others. The only thing i didn´t like is that they use the same Animations throughout the whole series... but okay.

Here it is: Discovery Channel - How The Universe Works (2010)

It´s all about Extreme Planets, Alien Solar Systems, Supernovas, Big Bang and Black Holes.

btw... I can´t go to sleep without watching astronomy documentaries. Am i crazy? Or just a Freak? haha

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