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Mars 26th jan Good seeing

neil phillips

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This image Goes out to Merlin, ( ken ) who upon hearing my DFK was dead, kindly offered to lend me hes spc 900 nc, without which i would have missed tonights good seeing, right when it mattered most at 14 odd arcsecs, cant thank you enough Ken :)

got some more to go through. not sure if its the best one out of a bunch or not yet

SPX 300 f6 1800 mm FL 2x Celestron ultima, 3x Televue stacked, 2" exstention. Spc 900 nc 10 fps

Not sure what the processing really looks like as my other monitor, is at a freinds house, so will probably have a look on that to see if ive processed it reasonably well. Might get away with a bit more sharpening, but i like fairly natural 23.46 GMT Think my new location in Essex has superiour seeing than kent, i think tonight it finally showed how good it can be compared to my last address. Best so far for me this year, maybe the best spx 300 shot ive done since having it made, either way im a happy bunny for once.


bit sharper brightness down


reduced some more


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Micheal im not actually sure as i didnt do any visual, but noticed it also during processing,

cheers for the comments guys

Clayton yes i will probably re do it when i get my better monitor back, but the standing away from the screen effect will always happen with a resize, ( well it does with all mine ) try doing that with 100% the effect is lost somewhat, just a quick routine to see what i had, hoping to process a better version at some point. and i most certainly will be trying a 100% too.

thought the quality could with stand it, but my monitor may not be up to scratch, will have to take a closer look when thats sorted. either way the data ( settings included ) is leaps ahead of what ive done so far this year.

im happy with that. and not often do i feel like that ( well not lately anyways ) the system just seemed to work very well last night, even the proper weights i used ( instead of builders weights ) seemed to help the eq6 drive run more smoothly. If only all nights could be like this for me

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Cheers Pete

Ramis, it just suddenly stopped working, it was a very cold night, who knows maybe the temp got to it ? IC have said send it to Germany.

I like the idea of the microsoft lifecam, it shoots at 30 fps, and like the spc its very light. with a 6 foot odd monster tube the low weight helps further reduce the see saw effect, and drive errors, i Noticed my drive was much smoother last night, there was two changes, less camera weight, and vixen weights instead of big builders weights to balance the scope, this combined effect, is helping the drive problem im convinced, as such the lifecam from what i hear sounds like it could just be a very cheap suited combo.

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