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Giant Mosaic...an idea...


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Don't know how feasible this would be, or even if it has been done before...

Would it be possible for members to image certain parts of the sky then collate the images taken into one great big mosaic?

You could split the sky up into sections or just by constellation or maybe just an object and have a huge image made up out of images taken by users here...?

If everyone was given a set of image sizes to be used so we are all imaging a similar size.

Just a thought - probably a technical nightmare but food for thought.

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I think it is a most attractive idea. The programme of choice is the mighty Registar which can, sometimes with a bit of jiggery-pokery, combine anything with anything.

There might be another way to do it as well; start with a widefield image - say of Orion, taken with a camera lens. Then use Regisar to drop in higher res telescope images onto that. I have tried it and it is possible. The widefield should not be too wide - maybe a four panel shot in a camera lens at about 90mm. You won't end up with a full blown telescopic mosaic but you gain on speed.

I have a Geoptik CCD camera lens to CCD gizmo coming soon...

One dream area for a big, big image would be the Rosette to the Cone and all areas around. HaLRGB. Oho, yes, that would be wizard!


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I know, me too. But there would be a lot of dead time in there, imaging nothing much, which makes me lean towards a camera lens-with-overlays approach. Also you can keep gradients under control in the camera lens shot and then calibrate the overlays to that, so avoiding the patchwork look. In mosaics a 2 panel is easy, a three panel a lot harder and then it goes AWOL!

In principle you could eventually completely wallpaper the camera lens image with telescope images of course.

An SGL marathon! We could be famous!

Some people reckon overlays always look stuck on but I'm not convinced. There are two in this image;



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Well, we could image a constellation for say 2 months at a time and then at the end of the two months you could post up the final image.

Credits could be given to people who have posted images that are overlayed onto a background image of the constellation.

That means the inexperienced and experienced imagers have the same chance of having their work displayed. I think you need the constellation being split up into a grid though and people can then be either nominated or allocated a grid reference to avoid 10 people all imaging the same area.

Have I started something here....???? Cool!

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