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How to clean my ED80 lens?

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Hi Martin i would say if its only dirty cosmeticaly then leave well alone.

As Gordon says if it doesn't effect you visual or imaging i wouldn't bother with it.

On the other hand if it does then be verrrrry careful. follow Rob's suggestion.

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Thanks for the advice. Great Cloudy Nights link Gordon which seems to cover everything really. It seems to be that a few marks on the objective lens don't affect performance but that it isn't necessary to be too paranoid over cleaning if you really feel the need. 70% ethanol/30% water and cotton wool seems to be the most popular choice. The marks are tiny so I'm going to leave it.

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Unless it's really bad, I leave alone..."If it aint broke don't fix it"

I decided to clean my eyepieces one night.....Ended up putting a chip in the edge of my 10mm Plossl... :D

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Pardon :?

He means the central obstruction. :D

Its a good point.... :D

Oooh I get it :D :D

Years ago, it wasn't unusual for a (Chinese) camera lens to have air bubbles!!

Gaz OPTI CLEAN FROM David hinds i am about to clean my refractor lens have used it before it forms a skin then just peel it of clean as clean can be.

Used that myself - fiddly but very good for dry marks.

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