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ADM Mini Dovetail System + C8


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Hi all.

Has anyone fitted an ADM mini dovetail system with guide rings to a C8? Any pictures of one fitted to the C8 - especially C8 with three bolt mounting (two at the back, one at the front)?

How good are they for guidescopes?

Do they foul the finder scope at all?


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I have an ADM mini-dovetail system rail fitted to my C8. I have my rings mounted on a short section of 2" wide by 6mm thick aluminium with an ADM clamp at either end. That way I can slide the guidescope (which doubles as a finder scope) on and off without losing alignment with the C8. The rail comes with the blocks and screws needed for the C8.

It also allows the guidescope to be slid back and forth on the rail to adjust the balance - a lot easier than moving the C8.

The guidescope also acts as my grab n' go on a light Alt Az mount. ADM supplied me with a short MDS rail so that it simply comes off the C8 and slides onto that mount - that's where it lives most of the time.

Furthermore I recently bought a used refractor and I've added a MDS rail to the top of the mounting rings - so the guidescope simply mounts on that too.

Finally, I have a camera mounting on an extra ADM clamp so as to use it for piggyback photography.

So, it's a pretty flexible system.

Athony Davoli at ADM is really helpful and sends stuff quickly without charging an arm and a leg for postage.


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I have the ADM system on a CPC800 same config as your scope.

I use a ZS66 & Revelation 100mm F600 Apo which is quite big. The ADM mounts is rigid and I have no issues..


Found on the web..


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