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I don't believe IT!


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I really have got to let off some steam right now, it is a lovely clear night here in mid Wales, no fog as direly predicted, so setup early got some subs of M1 during which I had a kip, got up 1am moved target to M51 everything was running fine so had another kip, got up at 5am only to find the :) computer had shut down by an automatic windows update ;) ;) lost about 3 hours of data, have I been cursed? If it isn't one thing it's something else to muck you up.

I need a cuppa or a whisky :D

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My obsy computers are never online either...no firewalls, antivirus, updates or any of that nonsense.

I was about to go to bad around middnight when I saw it was clear, and managed a good imaging session until around 4 :)



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Well I was going to image all night but I am of that age now where I need to "catnap" Whilst I was waiting for the first subs to run and check how the guiding was going, I was on CN and SGL reading stuff.

When I go for a nap I close down IE but this time windows update ran for some reason late in the night not when I first switched the computer on.

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