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Venus transit -


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Had a discussion a while back, where Pete Lawrence had a gander at my images of the 2004 transit, and told me that the thin ring around the planet I was seeing was not its atmosphere, but another artefect.

I just ran the same raw images through a high pass filter and some other tweaks, and this came out. I suspect it's just the black drop effect (kind of) causing the slight refractive bending in the solar limb, but just though it was interesting, and invite any comments

Note, it's just the lined bits, not the halo around the planet. Interested in the (hint) of line in the larger inset and the dip in the solar limb in the other one

Reason I am interested is that these were taken at the time with a simple ETX90 and Toucam, on an unguided tripod.

Reason being that hopefully for 2012, I'll have better kit and will try to really get the atmosphere (as shown in these outstanding shots The Atmosphere of Venus during Solar Transit)

(can ya tell it's cloudy and I'm bored)


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