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thanks to all

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i am a relative novice at both astronomy and internet forums, am hoping that latter will help with the former. I would just like to thank everybody here who make this forum stand apart from the rest. i subscribed to two other well known astronomy forums at the same time as this, hoping to find the most helpfull. i asked the same questions on all sites with varying results. the members here were the only ones( build my own ob,question) that gave encouragement and support. elsewhere i was greeted with answers like "its too big a project for an amature" and my favourite..."my home made ob leaked and ruined my laptop, there not worth the hassle, buy one instead" he left me a link to an ob building place!:) i didnt replie, i cant think of just the right answer yet:rolleyes:

anyway my point being, i am not affraid to ask a question here( even if i know somehow its stupid) and i can rely on good encouraging answers. i'm very glad to be a member and hope once i've ammassed an amount of usefull knowlege (while no-one was looking) i hope to be able give something back. A HUGE thanks to everyone. john:hello2::D:hello2:;)

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Much agreement from me as well. I have had some really good advice, not just in the posts but in personal messages as well. I, too, am new to threads and posts and, looking back on my efforts so far, I am amazed at the patience shown to me. :)

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I agree with all the members comments above as i too have been shown great patience and given great help and most of all not had anyone reply back to me as though im a complete idiot!! I think this is definately the best forum and just great people!!

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