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Dunno if anyone can help.......

As some of you may know, I update the calendar with the main astronomical events each month. At the moment I am getting my data from the US based website space.com. Although it is a nicely detailed calendar, it is primarily orientated towards our American cousins. Consequently some of the times etc. are out of synch for us UK observers.

So I wondered, does anyone know of a link to a similarly detailed UK-based calendar - e.g. perhaps belonging to an astronomical society or such likes?

Any information gratefully received. :)

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Thanks Ant. You must think I'm too lazy to do it myself. I did check out some of the astro societies in the Federation of Astronomical Societies but drew a blank. Unfortunately there were too many to check them all.

Don't put yourself out. I can easily check some more later. :)

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We all have slightly different ways of searching for stuff - so I might get lucky you never know!

Also everyone tries Google, I start with Altavista and then try Google, Altavista has some great pages within it's searches that google either doesn't have or are a long way down.


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