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I've just started trying to do mono imaging using my Atik 1HSII in LX mode but am struggling with what settings to use. I thought M42 would be a good target to begin with so I need advice on the Gain, Gamma and Brightness settings, I can get 4 min subs unguided. Please help as this is really bogging me down...

Thanks in advance


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Hi Carl,

I think you need to histogram the data you have coming in. Brightness will affect the black point of the exposure, gain is (or should be) a multiplier on the values coming out (kind of like ISO on a digitalSLR) and gamma is a measure of the non linearity of the device. Set gamma to 1 then try some exposures, look at the histogram and adjust brightness so that the hump that represents the blackness of space is just above 0 and the hump that represents bright starts is just below maximum.

At a guess, these values will be both target and location specific. HTH

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