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Skywatcher 250px dob, DSLR Prime Focus not possible without mod?

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Ok, decided as i have a day off to have a fiddle with the scope and mount the canon 1000d to it just to check it all out (also needed to realign my finderscope, so had that as a reason too lol)

The only problem i've found is that with the Maxdslr adaptor which i was pointed in the direction of, via a few members of this forum, fits nicely, but unfortunately i can't get focus for toffee. It's needing to go an inch or so closer to the secondry, but with the big 2" adaptor that comes with the dob, this aint possible.

Now im guessing my only option is to buy a new low profile focuser >..< more cash lol.

I've also heard of others mention moving the primary mirror cell up, if this is done, what sort of effect will it have and will it still be usable for just standard viewing through an eyepiece? or will it require moving up n down all the time just to do this?

Sorry for all the questions, really would like to get into this a bit more but need to work out what is the most important to purchase first.

Should i just ignore the focuser and mirror for now, spend my £100 on ota rings and dovetail for it to be fitted onto my eq 6? then just do some piggieback exposures until i get the cash together for another focuser?

OOOO the options....really wish i knew.

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There's 2 ways of dealing with the focus issues, move the primary forward (cheapest way) or replace the focuser with a low profile. I replaced my focuser with a moonlight (think it was the CR) this cured my in focus issues with the DSLR but caused issue with eye pieces which is cured using a barlow barrel minus the lens, I suppose moving the mirror forward would cause the same issue. Which ever method you go for will cause an issue with something else :eek:........welcome to the head scratching & teeth gnashing world of imaging :)

As to buy what first you have to decide what your priority is :D

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Cheers for that mate :)

Im not sure what moving the primary up involves and would like to know, from someone who is knowledgable in that department as to what effects it would have on my normal viewing when not using it for astropiccies.

The Focuser is definately an option im lookin at but i want to see what the pro's and con's of the alternatives are. I know it's already going to be a challenge without a tracking mount and non-modded 1000d, but if i can atleast get something that i can fiddle with in photoshop and do a bit of stacking just to get something to show those who are interested in my neck of the woods...then i'll be a happy bunny.

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